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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 20:16:17 +1030
From: Ben Harvey
Subject: X-Force Chapter SixDisclaimer:All of the standard disclaimers apply. The X-men are the property of
Marvel, and I take no credit for the creation of their characters, only my
own. This hot young loli teens
is a fanfiction, therefore anything discontinuous to the normal
X-men universe, including sexuality of the characters, is the child models erotic loli
product of my
imagination. Any similarities to real people or events is completely
coincidental.This story contains male/male sex and romance. If you find either theme
offensive, what are you doing reading nifty stories? And if you are
underage or this story is illegal where you are reading, please leave. But
if you chose to ignore this warning, it's your own fault!
Chapter 6 - Lost and FoundThe Blackbird was hurtling towards the ground, smoke billowing from the
torn sections of its hull. The cockpit was empty save for the myriad of
lights flashing on the controls and the loud alarms blaring from the
speakers. Remiel was strapped to his flight seat, struggling against the
fabric that refused to release his flailing form. The red earth filled the
front window as it raced closer and closer. In a last ditch effort, the
young mutant reached for his powers, the reservoir of psychic potential
that set him apart from other humans, and commanded it to shatter the bonds
that held him. But nothing happened. No flash of translucent blue
energy. No squealing of fracture metal. Only the sound of his own screams
as the Blackbird smashed into the ground.He snapped awake with a violent jerk, still carrying the dying sounds of
his last scream. His heart was racing and the fear and adrenaline coursed
through him, hyper sensitising all of his senses. 16 yo lolita gallery
Looking around wildly,
the newest X-man immediately realised that something was very wrong. The
landscape around him was completely alien; an expanse of white devoid of
any distinguishable characteristics.He tried to climb to his feet but found there was no substance to with
which for him to find purchase upon, leaving him to drift on an ocean of
nothingness.`Hello?' he shouted into the void, only to have the sound of his own voice
reverberate back in a multitude of distorted calls.`That's kind of pointless, you know,' a voice purred from behind him, and
he realised that the words travelled through the emptiness free of
distortion.Remiel twisted around, using the generated momentum to shift his body to
face the owner of this new voice. Two figures hung in the air, lazily
watching him. The first was about 6'2 with platinum blond hair and blue
eyes that held an unnatural luminescence. He was much like Scott in terms
of built; well muscled while remaining lithe and supple, all of which
showed through the skin-tight blue jeans and white tank top he wore. young nude lolitas models
light dusting of fine stubble covered his jaw and a thick gold earring hung
from the top of his left ear.The second figure had silver hair, cut in a style typical of older
gentlemen, and wore a stylish form-fitting ash grey suit. For some reason,
this man reminded Remiel of the Professor, in terms of both height, build
and posture.`I'm glad that you are finally awake, Mr St.Cloud,' the older gentleman
said smoothly in a calm even meter. Like the first voice, which Remiel
realised must belong to the blond man, the older gentleman's voice was free
of distortion.`How do you know my name?' Remiel asked, his voice distorting as before.`Don't try to speak,' the young blond said. `Just project your thoughts as
you would in a telepathic conversation'.`Who are you, and how do you know my name?' Remiel thought, surprising
himself as he heard his voice clearly as if he had spoken aloud. `What is
this place?'`My name is Magneto,' the older gentleman said, smiling at the startled
look that crossed Remiel face at hearing the name. `I see you've heard of
me. Good things I hope'.`Not really,' Remiel said, attempting to will himself as he had willed his
voice heard. His body responded immediately, rising from his prone position
to float upright in front of Magneto and his companion.`Well, that's to be expected, given the company you kept in the past. At
any rate, my friend here is called Mindpyre, and as I'm sure you've
realised by now, we represent the Brotherhood of Mutants'.`Don't you mean the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?' Remiel snapped, reaching
for his powers. As he tried to summon the psychic energy that would allow
him to lash out at the mutants before him, he found his will strike against
a powerful barrier.`Don't waste your time,' Mindpyre smiled at Remiel, obviously aware of his
attempt to access his mutation. `You can't use your powers'.`What do you mean?' Remiel demanded.`While you were unconscious, I had Mindpyre here create a number of psychic
barriers to partition your powers from your conscious mind,' Magneto
explained calmly. `I couldn't very well have you call out to dear old
Charles while you were in our care. Now as to your earlier comment, "evil"
is just a word, Mr St.Cloud. The world exists in shades of grey. There is
no good or evil, only differing points of view. After all, today's villains
could quite easily be tomorrows saviours'.Remiel, severely unsettled by lolita bbs free pictures
the loss of his powers, began to
panic. `Where is this place? How did I get here?'`Nowhere,' Mindpyre said, before disappearing in a swirl of colour only to
reappear on Magneto's other side. `Everywhere. Your past. Your
present'. With every statement, Mindpyre disappeared and reappeared in a
different place. `Every possible future you can imagine. And every Hell
that you can think of. A prime little piece of real-estate I like to call
Purgatory'.`No. This is a mindscape. Nothing here is real. It's all just inside my
head,' Remiel said to himself more than to Magneto and Mindpyre.`Well, you're half right,' Mindpyre smiled. `This is a mindscape, but it's
not in your head, it's in mine. I'm linked to you right now in the real
world. This place is a mirror, a reflection of your mind inside my own. So
while we can explore all of your thoughts and memories, I'm the one in
control'.`As for how you came to be here,' Magneto interrupted, `are you telling me
that you really don't remember?'`The last thing I remember is being in the Blackbird. We were shot down and
we were about to crash. You wouldn't happen to know anything about that
would you?' Remiel glared, crossing his arms in front of his chest.`We weren't the ones that shot you down,' Mindpyre said. `It was the US Air
force. Although they were under the mistaken impression that the Blackbird
was an unmanned drone and that they were on a training mission'. The mutant
sniggered to himself, `Those military type are so easy to manipulate. Their
thoughts are so rigid and predictable'.`That doesn't explain why I'm here'.`No. It does not. You are here because you demonstrated powers that I
believe would be better spent serving the Brotherhood. A mutant like you
shouldn't be bound by all of Charles' propaganda about peace and equity for
all mutants and humans. So, with that it mind, I'd like to offer you a
position with the Brotherhood'.Remiel stared at Magneto in stunned silence. `You've got to be kidding
me. You can't honestly think I'd turn my back on all of my friends, on my
family, to join a terrorist like you. No, Magneto. I will not join your
Brotherhood. There's a right way to build a better future, and then there's
a wrong way. Your way is the wrong way, Magneto'.Magneto sighed disappointedly. `Very well. While I understand your answer,
I cannot accept it and you leave me little choice'. The old mutant turned
away from Remiel and faced Mindpyre. `Begin immediately. Do what you must,
but do not damage him'. Magneto's last words before he evaporated into the
whiteness of the void were cold and calculating. `You will serve our cause
one way or another'.*****The Falcon swung around in midair, reversing its orientation before
descending into the open hangar of the X-Mansion. Through the cockpit
window, Noriko could see pockmarks and craters dotting the front lawn while
the wide front gates hung limply on their hinges, distorted from some sort
of intense heat.`What the hell happened here?' she asked no one in particular.`The Professor said reading lolita in theran
that the X-Mansion was attacked while you were in
Indiana, but he didn't give us the specifics,' Mystic said, his voice
barely audible above the howl of the vertical thrusters. Xavier's voice echoed urgently in their minds. Bailey snorted loudly from his place at the rear of the Falcon's main
compartment. `I don't think so,' he said smugly.A loud series of bangs followed by the hissing of hydraulics announced
their final landing. A mechanical whine filled the compartment as the floor
in the back of the space lowered, forming a ramp that exited the craft.Noriko got out of her seat and walked to the other side legal pre teen lolitas
of the cabin where
John sat, staring blankly into space. After Remiel had been whisked away by
Magneto, John had gone into a rage, scorching the very earth with anger
manifested as flame. The wellspring of primal anger seemed limitless, and
it had taken Mystic's strange reality altering power to paralyse John's
mutation before the enraged mutant had ceased his pyrokinetic
onslaught. Since then he hadn't said a word, lapsing into a near catatonic
silence. It had been over three hours since and Noriko had seriously began
to worry about him.`John,' Noriko asked, gently moving a lock of blond hair away from his
forehead. `We're home'.A few seconds passed before a flicker of recognition ignited behind John's
empty eyes. `I'm sorry, what?'`We're home,' Noriko repeated softly. `The Professor wants us all to go to
the War Room'.The other mutants on the jet began exiting the craft, maintaining a
respectful distance from the pair.`I...I'm not...I can't think...Oh God, Nori, Magneto has him'. Noriko
watched John's eyes glimmer with tears before he quickly buried his face in
his hands and began to sob.`Hey, hey,' Noriko whispered, wrapping her arms around her friend's
shoulders and pulling him into a tight hug.`We'll get him back, John. I swear we will, but if we're going to find
Remmy, we need to talk to the Professor, okay?'John continued to sob for a few moments more before his breathing evened
out and he pulled back from Noriko's embrace, wiping away the tears that
stained his cheeks.`Okay'.*****Colossus or Peter as he called when he was not in uniform strode
confidently out of the mansion's front doors and into the dawning
sunlight. The light dazzled his eyes, forcing him to turn his head aside
and shield his face. As he did so, he noticed a figure sat beneath a nearby
tree. He immediately recognised Whitney, both by the young mutant's lithe
runners build and the way he sat with his arms hugging his legs to his
chest with his head rested atop his knees. Like Peter, Whitney had shed his
uniform in favour of street clothes but where the borrowed sweat shirt and
pants fitted Peter's build perfectly, they hung loosely on the young man,
making him seem much smaller and vulnerable.The expression of defeat that adorned Whitney's features clawed at Peter,
and it was all he could do not to just strut over and sweep the smaller
mutant up in a massive bear hug. Instead, he cautiously walked to wards
Whitney. When he was close enough, he called out to the younger mutant.`Whitney? Why are you out here all alone?'Whitney looked up at Peter as he approached, an expression home collection lolitas bbs
of surprise
crossing his feature.`I'm sorry, Peter. I was just thinking'.`I can understand that. It's a lot to take in'.`Not really' Whitney said. `We screwed up, Peter. It's pretty simple
actually. We were supposed to save them, and we screwed up. Now one of our
people is in Brotherhood hands where they're doing god only knows what to
him'.`We cannot blame ourselves for that. If we hadn't gotten there in time then
it would have been six of our people taken, not one. There was nothing more
we could have done to save Remiel St.Cloud'.`I could have done more!' Whitney shouted, unfolding himself and scrambling
to his feet. `I have all of this power,' he said as he waved his arm. The
entire front lawn of the mansion shimmered in place like a mirage before
the power that earned Whitney the name Mystic dissipated, leaving the
entire expanse in pristine condition without a trace of battle damage. `I
can rewrite the laws of physics, bend the very fabric of reality to my
will, and I still screwed up. I should have stopped Magneto from taking
Seraph. But I didn't. And now Seraph is probably being tortured by the same
sick son of a bitch that messed up Bobby and John...John has lost the
person he loves. Maybe you did all you could, Peter, but I didn't, which
makes this whole situation my fault'.`And what could you have done?' Peter demanded, grabbing Whitney tightly by
the shoulders and forcing him to meet his eyes. `Even your power has its
limits, Whitney, and we both know it. You couldn't have stopped Magneto
from taking Seraph, but you did stop animation cp loli dvd
him from hurting me. Who was it that
shielded me from his powers? Who was it that stopped that shrapnel in
midair? You. So stop blaming yourself for what you couldn't do'.`But...' Whitney started before Peter cut him off.`No buts. Stop looking in the past because, trust me, hindsight is always
perfect and our actions never are. Now I've done some terrible things in
the past, things I'm not sure I'll ever forgive myself for, but you
haven't. You did what you thought was best at the time and you helped save
five people. It isn't your fault that an evil man did an evil thing'.Whitney opened his mouth to say something but the words wouldn't
come. Peter smiled before mussing the young man's hair, eliciting a smile.`Now come on inside. I'm not sure about you but I haven't eaten since
yesterday afternoon and I think breakfast would be a good idea'. Peter
wrapped an arm around Whitney's shoulder and began leading them both
towards the Mansion's front door.*****Xavier sat behind his desk facing Bailey, who was reclining casually in one
of the office's high back chairs. Though on the surface he appeared calm,
Xavier's thoughts were in turmoil. This mutant was powerful, so powerful in
fact that half of the X-men were afraid of him. But he also seemed to know
a lot more about what was happening than anyone. Xavier need him, but how
to keep such a powerful mutant under control.`Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just confine you to the brig,'
Xavier demanded, deciding that he needed to take a dominant stance
immediately.`I can give you plenty of reasons,' Bailey replied coolly. `The least of
which is that I could tear this school to the ground in half the time it
took me to tell you about it. Don't try to intimidate me, Professor Xavier,
I'm in a completely different pay bracket to you and your X-Men'.`Then why are you still here?' Xavier asked, trying to hide the anxiety
that was slowly creeping through him. It was not a common occurrence that
the most powerful telepath in the world was brushed off like a child trying
to get his own way.`Because things have become...' Bailey paused before saying the last word,
as though unsure of how to express his meaning, `complicated. Suffice it to
say that my original mission in this time period has become
unachievable. Things aren't happening the way we, that is to say, I
expected'.`What is your mission here? We've surmised that you've come from the
future, and judging by the fact that this Tyler knows you, he does too'.Bailey frowned in thought. `Alright. I can't give you all of the details -
well, not yet anyway. Yes, both Tyler and I are from about twenty-five
years in the future, but we're members of opposing factions. Tyler's
faction sent him here to change history in their favour while I was sent
here to preserve the timeline'.`What sort of conflict? You're both mutants, so I assume it's not between
mutants and humans'.`That's right, but, like I said, I can't give you the details'.`You said your mission had become complicated,' Xavier pressed, trying not
to give the younger mutant a chance to reconsider talking.`Yes. Tyler, or Raze as he's called in my timeline, has changed too many
things. The history I know is different now, and I don't know what to
expect. Originally he was sent here to kill members of my faction before
they were able to play their part in history, or at least that's what my
faction believed after we discovered he'd been sent back. I underage pussy model lolita
was sent here
to ensure their safety. But Raze has completely disregarded his orders and
I believe he's trying to reshape history as he wants it, which means I have
no choice but to work with you to stop him'.`Why do you need us? As you've already pointed out, you are an
exceptionally powerful mutant'.Bailey sighed. `But not powerful enough to take Raze when he has the full
support of the Brotherhood. I have the ability to sense and replicate the
powers encoded on any single mutant X gene in a certain radius of me. My
sensitivity to X genes also allows me to employ any mutation I mimic at
it's full potential, even if the original mutant can't, which means that
the best any single mutant can manage is to fight me to a stalemate. I beat
your team because they were unprepared for me, but Raze will be. He knows
what I'm capable of, which is why I think he organised the attack on the
jet'.`Then why did you collapse after your encounter with this Raze? How is it
he walked away and you did not?'Bailey immediately took a defensive tone. `Well you stay awake for eight
days, teleporting all over the globe and then we'll see how you handle
taking on someone who can rip your molecules apart'.`I'm sorry,' the Professor said. `I didn't mean to imply anything by
that'. Xavier retreated into his own thoughts, trying to process everything
he had just learnt. `It appears that, for the moment, our goals
coincide. The Brotherhood are an obstacle to your mission and they also
have one of my X-Men. If you are willing to give me your word that you'll
defer to my authority, you will have the support of the X-Men in
apprehending Raze, provided you also help us rescue Remiel'.`I give you my word that I'll work with you, not for you. As for Remiel,
you needn't have asked. He means more to me than you could ever truly
appreciate'.Xavier raised an eyebrow. `And why is that?'Bailey smiled warmly for the first time since his arrival at the mansion,
`I can't tell you the specifics, but let's just say that Remiel plays an
important part in my life'.*****The room was familiar, like a pale shadow in a half forgotten dream. One
entire wall was made up of windows, which overlooked a garden full of dying
flowers and wall grass. A large sofa was placed at a right angle to the
window against zep s lolita forum
the adjoining wall and a glass coffee table occupied the
centre of the room. On the wall opposite the sofa was a large fireplace,
decorated with an ornate mantelpiece covered with photo frames.Remiel stood in the centre of the room, wrapped in the shadows cast by the
pale moonlight shining through the wide windows. He looked around the room,
trying to remember where he'd seen it before. His eyes levelled on the
photos and realisation flooded his mind. He had fought so long and so hard
to leave this place behind that the sudden knowledge of his surroundings
filled him with fear.`The hell do you think you're doing in here, boy!' a voice bellowed from
behind him, causing the young mutant to spin around. The sight that met him
felt like a physical blow. Before him, shadows peeling off of him like a
cloak stood Gabriel St.Cloud, his father. He was dressed in the garb of a
marine; camouflage pants and a tank top. His build, which Remiel had
inherited, was lithe and powerful, sculpted by years of military training,
but unlike Remiel, his hair was the coloured of distressed straw and his
eyes were as dark as his soul.`You answer my questions when I ask you something, boy!' Gabriel yelled,
stepping into the half-light and striking Remiel across the face, little lolita xxx models
the mutant to fall to the floor with a yelp of surprise and pain. `Now,
what the hell are you doing in here!? You don't come in here, ever!'The Professor had once told Remiel during one of their telepathy lessons
that the young mutant was one of the most powerful psychics that the
Professor had taught during his many years of working with mutants, but
now, lying on the floor with a deep red mark growing across his jaw, Remiel
could not see what the Professor saw in him. He was no longer Seraph, the
psychic trinity of the X-men, he was just a scared little boy paralysed by
his fear of his father.Gabriel reached down and roughly pulled Remiel to his feet before throwing
him backwards, causing him to fall into the glass coffee table, shattering
the glittering plane into tiny fragments. Glass clawed at his flesh,
tearing through the already damaged uniform he wore. Blood seemed from the
wounds, and his skin felt like it was on fire.Gabriel quickly covered the distance between the two of them and reached
out for his son. `I'll teach you to sneak around my house, you ungrateful
bastard. I always told Evelyn that we didn't need another son, but she so
wanted you and now that she's dead I'm stuck with a good for nothing runt'.Remiel felt the cold vicelike hand enclose around his throat and the breath
still held in his lungs leave him. Gabriel heaved Remiel closer so that
their faces were inches away from one another, the small of alcohol
permeating the air.`I never wanted a runt for a son like you. You were a mistake that should
never have happened. A mistake that I should have thrown out years ago'.Gabriel raised his fist and Remiel shut his eyes in anticipation of the
blow to come but just as the blow was about to make contact, he felt the
grip around his throat disappear. The strength of his fathers arm no longer
supporting his weight, Remiel tumbled backwards but rather than hitting the
floor as he expected, he felt a soft pressure surround him from all
sides. He opened his eyes and found himself floating in the white void of
his mindscape prison.Mindpyre materialised out of the whiteness of the empty expanse, a dark
smile warping his handsome features into a mask of cruelty.`And here I thought my family was dysfunctional,' he said. `But I suppose
it explains why you ran away'. The dark smile intensified and a malicious
gleam appeared in the sadistic mutant's eyes. `Oh, wait, that's right. You
didn't run away, did you? You were thrown out like a piece of garbage. But
then again, your father didn't hate the garbage now, did he?' Mindpyre
began laughing.`What the hell do you want, you sadistic son of a bitch!' Remiel shouted,
the paralysing fear created by his father having been replaced by blinding
anger.Mindpyre's laughter dissipated and the cruelty that had blazed in his eyes
faded, replaced by a cool calculating gaze.`This was never about what I want, Remiel. This is lolita xxx pic post
about you and all of
those feelings you've repressed over the years. This is about what you
really want, deep down in that black little soul of yours. You might be
able to hide it from the people you live with, maybe even that pretty boy
lover of yours, but not from me. After all, one monster can always
recognise another'.`I'm no monster!' Remiel shouted at the mutant floating just out of his
reach. `I'm not like you!'`Really?' Mindpyre replied coolly. `Let me tell you something, Remiel. My
family was cruel. In fact, I can't remember a night where I didn't have my
Dad beat on me, hurt me, or do all things sick things to me in the
dark. And my Mom, she was no better. She turned a blind eye to everything
he did to me because she just didn't care. It got even worse when I
discovered my mutation. Do you have any idea what it's like to have to sit
at the kitchen table and hear what your sick paedophile father is thinking
about you. To have to listen to the pathetic justifications for your own
mother's inaction. I was completely powerless. At least until my other
power blossomed. Pyrotics. The ability to start fires with thought. So underwear lolita nn pic
night, after my father had passed out drunk after forcing himself on me,
and my mother had hidden herself away in her bedroom, I snuck outside. I
snuck outside and I burned the entire house to the ground with them inside
it. I listened to their screams and their pleas for help. And do you know
what I did then? I torched them. I burned the flesh off of their lolitas ls free site
bones and
left their skeletons in a smoking pile. You see, Remiel, they took my
innocents and I took their life in turn. And I know that deep down in that
vault where you seal away all of that hatred there's a monster waiting to
exact retribution on not only the bastard that stole your life, but all of
those miserable sons of bitches that have hurt your brothers and
sisters. What do I want, Remiel? I want to meet the real you. I want to
meet the man that's going to help us cleanse this world in fire and blood'.*****`Don't get me wrong,' Danielle declared, skewering a strip of bacon on her
fork. `As far as I'm concerned, we go in and put our boot to Magneto's
pompous arse. What I saying is that until we know where they are, there's
nothing we can do'.Jean, her hair cascading down her back like molten fire, rested her elbows
on the table at which she Danielle, and Betsy were sharing. She looked down
at the half finished plate of breakfast, idly pushing the scrambled eggs
around the white surface with her thoughts. Betsy, who was sitting on the
opposite side of the table to her, was twirling a knife constructed of
violet psychic energy between her fingers.`There had to be some way of finding them, even without Cerebro,' Jean
said.`I don't understand how Magneto could shield himself and his entire
organisation from the Professor,' Betsy said. `His helmet may protect him
from telepaths, but he must surely leave some evidence to be found. Even an
invisible man leaves signs of his movements in the environment around him'.`Maybe we could look for heightened electromagnetic activity,' Danielle
suggested.`No. That wouldn't work. Magneto's too smart to have left such an obvious
clue,' Jean stated calmly.`What about Bailey? He's from the future. Maybe he knows something,' Betsy
dissipated her blade with a thought before leaning on the table.`The Professor says that he's willing to help save Remiel but he doesn't
know where he's being held'.`At least we have a little time,' Danielle said dejectedly. `I mean, Bobby
managed to hold out under Mindpyre's psychic assault for a fortnight before
we were able to rescue him, and he wasn't even a telepath'.`I'm afraid not,' Betsy declared. `Bobby's capture occurred almost three
years ago and, from what I understand, not only has Mindpyre grown a great
deal more adept at breaking the will of mutants, but he has a psychic
amplifier on par with Cerebro to aid in his endeavours'.`Bobby...' Jean half-whispered to herself.`Jean?'`What's wrong,' Danielle asked, sitting up straighter in her chair.`Bobby was taken by the Brotherhood in California, but we rescued him in
Miami before they could smuggle him out of the country'.`I remember,' Danielle snarled. `Mindpyre had worked our boy over pretty
good. He was terrified of all of the demons that monster implanted in his
skull'.`Not my point,' Jean stated. `We never really questioned Bobby on his
experiences because it was too traumatic. The Professor had to seal most of
his memories behind mental barriers. Now the Brotherhood moved him across
the country, and they must have hidden him somewhere because it doesn't
take two weeks to cross the US. Maybe we do know where they've taken Remiel
after all'.`No,' Danielle said coldly. `Please tell me that you're not even
considering asking Bobby to relive those memories'.`I hate to say it,' Betsy announced, her head bowed. `But it just might be
our only chance to save Remiel before they do anything to him'.`Like hell it is! There is not a snowball's chance in hell that I'm going
to let you do that to him. Those memories nearly destroyed him the first
time. He couldn't even speak for a months afterwards and to this day he can
barely tolerate a telepath in a hundred feet of him'.`We naughty little lolita pics
at least have to suggest it to him,' Jean retorted. `If he says no,
fine. But if we have a potential solution, we have an obligation to at
least consider it'.`We'll find another way!' Danielle snarled, rising to her feet.Jean rose to her own feet and fixed Danielle with a firm look. `Are you
willing to bet Remiel's life on the off chance we find some other way in
time to stop Mindpyre doing to him what he did to Bobby. You're right,
Remiel is a telepath and he might be able to hold out. For a while. A very
short while. A while that is getting increasingly shorted as we stand
around arguing about doing nothing. It will be terrible for Bobby, but young lolitas picture sharing
terrible do you think it will be for him if he finds out that he could have
saved Remiel from the same fate he experienced, but that we were too afraid
to suggest it?'`I won't let you hurt him,' Danielle said, her voice devoid of emotion.`That isn't your decision to make, Dani,' a voice sounded from behind the
assembled women. They all turned away from one another to face the kitchen
doorway. Bobby stood, leaning against the doorframe with and expression
that was both terrified and determined. `I love you like a sister, Dani,
but you can't protect me from my past forever. Especially when it might
help us save Remiel from Mindpyre. I might not remember the worst of what
he did to me, but I remember enough not to wish Mindpyre on my worst
enemy. I'll do it'.*****Raze watched from the observation room that overlooked the small operating
theatre in the abandoned hospital. Mindpyre was sat at the head of the
operating table, his hands placed on either side of the his prisoner's head
with his fingers spread. Remiel St.Cloud looked almost angelic, lying
unrestrained on the table, eyes fluttering slightly as though in the grip
of a dream.Or a nightmare, Raze reminded himself of the Mindpyre from his timeline;
the twisted sadist who took pleasure applying mental pressure to the minds
of those beneath him, just to see how much they could take before their
psyche's shattered. A sudden whisper of air alerted him to the presence of
another mutant, one who could move faster than the eye could see.`Quicksilver,' he greeted the silver haired mutant without turning
around. `Is there any particular reason why I shouldn't kill you for
sneaking up on me?'Quicksilver casually stepped out of the shadows that had gathered at the
back of the observation room before striding over to Raze and wrapping his
arms around the mutant's waist. He leant his head down onto Raze's shoulder
and breathed in the scent of the tooled leather preteen loli art galleries
of his new jacket.`Well, if you killed me, who'd creep into your bedroom at night to keep you
warm?' Quicksilver purred in a deep smooth voice, much like his father's.Raze snarled before twisting out of Quicksilver's arms and wrapping his
hand around the mutant's throat. `Do you really think I care whether or not
you come crawling into my bed? You are an amusement, Quicksilver, nothing
more. Do not presume that just because I use your body you're entitled to
special treatment. I'll kill you just like I do anyone else that steps out
of line'. Raze levelled Quicksilver with a cold glare. `Consider yourself
lucky I will be in need of amusement this evening. Your father has caused
me a great deal of stress'. Raze violently threw Quicksilver backwards,
slamming him mercilessly into the steel table that had been bolted to the
observation room's floor. `Now get out'.Quicksilver ran from the room, blurring out of sight with another whisper
of air.`Magneto, you fool,' Raze young russian pretties lolita
whispered to himself as he looked down on
Remiel`s sleeping form. `You really have no loli girls sexy young
idea of the power you're toying
with'.*****Magneto glared down at the smouldering corpses of Toad and Juggernaut, the
most members of the Brotherhood to have offended Raze, as their empty eye
sockets stared up sightlessly from the steel slabs of the morgue. He may
have detested Raze's use of violence, but the mutant's method of killing
still fascinated Magneto. Toad's spindly limbs had been warped and charred
beyond recognition, leaving little more than broken, almost insect-like,
remains, demonstrating what Raze had called `selective
diffusion'. Juggernaut on the other hand, had suffered a far worse
fate. The molecules in each of the giant's limbs had been diffused slowly,
while he was still conscious and able to watch the blood pour out of the
stumps before it evaporated into a barely perceptible red mist.Magneto could not remember the slight that had earned them their fate, only
that after their execution no one in the Brotherhood dared to question the
time travelling mutant. In one fell swoop, Raze had taken the fear and
respect Magneto had spend years cultivating.And he was going to pay for it dearly.*****`John?' Jean called as she knocked on his bedroom door. The door swung open
slightly, and through the lol nudist bbs tgp
small gap she could see that the lights were
off. `John?' she called again, pushing the door open and stepping into the
darkness. Instinctively reaching out with her thoughts she shifted the
light switch into the ON position, illuminating the room John and Remiel
shared.The room had a standard layout; two beds arranged on opposite sides of the
room; two desks with laptop computers and notebooks covering their
surfaces; and two doorways leading to the bathroom and walk-in
wardrobe. Posters had been hung on the walls, most of which displayed some
punk rocker or a shirtless man with dazzling muscles. A large Australian
flag was hung from the ceiling over one of the beds so that it draped over
the headboard. Jean immediately realised that the bed beneath the flag was
the only one to receive regular use, the pristine condition of the other
marking it as a needless accessory.John was sat cross-legged on the bed, his knees pulled tightly to his
chest. Since his arrival he had changed out of his uniform and into some
sweat pants and a plain white t-shirt. His hair, which was normally wild
but stylish hung in limp locks and his eyes, which Jean was so accustomed
to seeing bright and cheerful were empty and dull.`Hey there,' Jean said, stepping cautiously over to him and perching on the
edge of the bed.John's head turned and a flicker of recognition stirred in his sapphire
blue eyes. He released his knees and quickly wiped the moister away from
his eyes and cheeks.`Jean. I'm sorry, I didn't realise I was late for the debriefing. I'll get
changed'.He was about to get up when Jean gripped his shoulder tightly. `John, the
debriefing was hours ago. Don't you remember?'`What?' John's brow creased in confusion. `Oh, right. I'm sorry. I'm just
so scattered at the moment. Nothing makes sense, everything's wrong'.`I know, John,' Jean said pulling him into a tight hug. John melted against
her and began sobbing. `I know exactly how you feel. Nothing's young lolita candy pics
the way it
should be. Everything feels so empty and without meaning. Time is all wrong
and you feel so powerless because you can't help the person you love. But I
promise you John. Remmy's going to be okay. We're going to get him back'.`But how?' John sobbed. `We don't even know where he is. Gateway could have
taken him anywhere, anywhere in the world'.`Bobby's downstairs with the Professor. They're going to try and find out
where the Brotherhood held Bobby during the time he was their prisoner'.`But I thought Bobby couldn't remember anything. The Professor put blocks
in'.`Bobby said he's willing to remember if it'll help us find Remiel'.John's sobbing finally halted. `Jean, can I tell you something?'`Of course you can, John. Anything'.John slid off of the bed and walked over to his desk. He pulled out the
chair and reached under the wooden surface. After a few moments of looking,
he pulled out a small box and walked back over to the bed. He caressed the
box for a moment before handing it to Jean.`When we got back from this mission, we were going to go on a trip
together, all the way to California for the weekend. And I was going to
tell him that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him'.Jean opened the box and immediately covered her mouth in surprise. Her eyes
began to water and immediately stood and wrapped her arms around John's
shoulder, the box containing the matching golden bands still held firmly in
her grasp.`Oh god, John. I am so sorry'.*****`Are you sure about this, Bobby?' the Professor asked the young mutant
lying on the couch before him.Bobby looked up meeting the Professor's gaze. forbidden lolita russia tgp
Try as he might, the young
elemental couldn't shield the fear that danced behind his arctic blue eyes.`No, I can't even begin to tell you just how not sure I am about this, but
that doesn't matter. Remiel's life is on the line, and I wouldn't be able
to live with myself if I didn't at least try'.`You are a very brave man, Robert Drake,' the Professor said as he splayed
his finger and rested his hands on either side of Bobby's head. He took a
deep breath and held it while he observed his surroundings. They were both
alone in his office, despite Danielle's extremely vocal protests about
being asked to leave during the attempt. The lamp on his desk served as the
only illumination, the bright sunlight of the day smothered by heavy
curtains. The smell of worn leather permeated the air with just the barest
trace of Old Spice. With the image of his office firmly burnt into his
mind's eye, Xavier closed his eyelids. The office was still there in his
mind's perception and, as he had done a thousand times, he released the
breath he had been holding, visualising at the same time the scene fading
away like cigarette smoke in the wind.Xavier stood alone in the vast black expanse, the psychic representation of
is clear mind. With an exertion of will he reached out, seeking the young
mind he wished to locate. Before him the outline of a door appeared
wreathed in luminous icicles. With another exertion of will, Xavier took a
step forward towards the portal, then another, and another, until he stood
before the shining portal. He hesitated for a moment before he stepped
through the icy doorway and into one of the most traumatised minds he had
ever encountered.It was like walking through a blizzard. Sleet pelted Xavier, gnawing at his
exposed limbs. On an intellectual level Xavier knew that this vicious
assault was all in his mind, a physical manifestation of Bobby's
rudimentary self-erected psychic defences, but the biting cold still felt
intense. After a few moments of trudging through illusionary snow, Xavier
found himself standing in a cathedral of beautiful white ice. A slow
grinding drew the Professor's attention back towards the portal in time to
witness colossal doors swinging closed.`Bobby!' the Professor called out.`I'm here, Professor,' Bobby said, stepping out from behind one of the many
pillars holding up the cathedral's high ceiling.Xavier walked towards the young mutant, smiling as he did so. `I have to
admit, Bobby, I'm impressed at how powerful your psychic barriers are. Very
few non-psychic's can develop barriers like the ones you have. I imagine
that many psychics would have trouble entering your mind against your
will'.`Thank you, Professor,' Bobby said, smiling slightly.`Now, let's begin shall we'.Together they walked towards the far end of the cathedral where a small
doorway was barred by a cage-like barrier. The bars of the cage were
wrapped tightly in a number of different lengths of chain, each of varying
size. At every point that the chains crossed one another a large silver
padlock was locked in place, forming a web of cold metal.`If you want to reconsider,' Xavier said calmly as he stepped. `Now is the
time to do so'.Bobby looked out over the cathedral, the world he had created as a refuge
from the world. `No. I need to do this, Professor. Not just for Remiel, but
for myself. I'll never be able to heal unless I can face this'.`As you wish'.One by one, the Professor touched the various padlocks, each melting away
like a heat mirage under his fingers. Once all of the locks had dissipated,
the chains melted away into slag, leaving only the lock on the cage door.`This last lock is yours to open, Bobby. It has to be your choice'.The Professor stepped aside to allow Bobby the move to the doorway. Bobby
looked down at his closed hand and closed his eyes. Opening his hand, he
felt a sudden weight fill his palm. Opening his eyes, he saw the icy key
that had formed in his hand. With a sigh he placed the key in the lock and
turned it. He didn't know what to expect when the sharp click of the lock
echoed through the cathedral, but when the sound finally died away, he
breathed a sigh of relief.Then his world fell apart.The ice beneath his feet shattered like glass and he fell through it into
water darker than night. He tried to breath but the water filled his lungs,
forcing his body to cough and thereby inhale more of the near frozen
liquid. As he closed his eyes against the savage cold realisation flooded
through his mind. This was how he had discovered his mutation; when he'd
fallen through the thin ice on a frozen lake. He had thought he was going
to drown but his body had simply gone colder than the water around it and
tendrils of ice had reached up to the surface, allowing him to climb
out. The realisation that he had already survived this memory gave him a
flicker of hope and he abruptly found himself falling. He resounding thud
followed by sharps pains shooting up his legs told him he had reached solid
ground. His eyes flickered open and he found himself staring up at a
ceiling of rippling liquid.`Are you alright, Bobby?' he heard the Professor's voice echo from all
around him.`I'm alright,' he called out in a hoarse voice, the water inexplicable gone
from his lungs.The air in front of him shimmered and the Professor appeared in a swirl of
dark colours.`I apologise for leaving you alone. I lost track of you when you fell into
this memory, or should I say, when you fell into this representation of
it. What was the original memory, if you don't mind me asking?'`It was the first time I used my powers. I was skating on a lake near my
old home, when I fell through some thin ice. I thought I was going to
drown, but I iced up instead. I even made myself a few cables to help me
out of the lake,' Bobby said as he rose to his feet and patted down the
damp jeans and t-shirt he was wearing.`I see. Mindpyre must have taken the fear you were feeling and amplified
it. The fact that this was the first thing we encountered suggests that he
used this on you often'.Bobby shrugged, `Then why didn't I freak out more?'`You're older than you were then, and you're also here on your terms, not
his'.`Cool'.Xavier smiled. `Come along, Bobby. There are still many memories we need to
explore'.*****Quicksilver slipped into Raze's quarters as quietly as he could, shutting
the door behind him without a sound. The small hospital room had once been
a doctor's lounge of some sort, with couches, lockers and several cupboards
but most of the furniture had been removed. Instead a large double bed had
been pushed up against the far nude girl lolita ppics
wall and a long oak desk, courtesy of some
doctor long forgotten doctor, had been placed along the right hand wall.Raze was slouching in a chair, looking down on the collection of papers
that littered the desktop. Taking his time, Quicksilver observed the mutant
in the faint lamplight. He was wearing nothing but a pair of black bikini
briefs that did little to hide the muscles they contained. Wide shoulders
tapered down to a narrow waist, with sculpted muscles occupying the
expanses of his flesh. The curves of his body flowed seductively into one
another and the planes of his body were perfectly smooth save for the few
rugged scars that ran across his chest and arms.But it wasn't just Raze's body that attracted Quicksilver. The danger that
lurked behind those gleaming amber eyes thrilled him to his very core and
at night, when he felt Raze moving deep inside of him, the mixture of fear,
excitement and lust brought an intensity to the experience he had never
felt before.`You're working late,' Quicksilver said as he stepped out of the shadows.Raze looked up from his papers and fixed his eyes on Quicksilver, `It can't
be helped when your father insists on making stupid decisions'.Quicksilver approached the wrathful mutant cautiously. `Surely he isn't
that bad. He has led the Brotherhood this long, hasn't he?'Raze rose slowly to his feet and leant against the desk. `You're right, he
has led the Brotherhood. He's led them down the path of impotence and
failure. In the future I come from, people are afraid to even whisper the
names of the Brotherhood's inner circle. The only reason your father is
still alive is because for the moment, he holds the loyalty of the
Brotherhood's most powerful mutants'.`But that's going to change,' Quicksilver stated calmly. `There are
whispers in the ranks. Most of the lower echelons are too scared of you to
ever defy you, and most of the middle ranks don't care who's in charge as
long as they get to keep what little power they have'.`And what about you? Would you follow me if I killed your father and took
over the Brotherhood'.Quicksilver, now standing in front of Raze, ran his hand along the mutant's
thigh. He leaned in and whispered in Raze's ear. `I already follow you. My
father can go to hell for all I care'.Raze turned his head and brought his lips against Quicksilver's neck before
whispering back, `Good answer'.Their lips met forcefully, both mutants fighting fiercely for control of
the kiss. Quicksilver groaned into the kiss as Raze roughly pulled their
bodies together. Raze's tongue invaded Quicksilver's mouth, exploring every
inch of the hot opening.With a savage push, Raze sent Quicksilver tumbling onto the bed. He looked
down on the silver haired mutant lying prone on the bare sheets and smiled
like some jungle predator eyeing a succulent meal. Quicksilver was wearing
a pair of grey cotton track pants and a white tank-top with worn sneakers
adorning his feet.Quicksilver gasped as Raze snapped his fingers, reducing both of their
garments to cinders that quickly dissipated into nothing. The sensation
that scoured his body as the cotton burnt into non-existence was akin to
dipping his hand into hot water and pulling it out again. As quickly as the
sensation came, it faded, replaced by the nonnude preteen lollie models
feeling of Raze lowering himself
on top of his now exposed flesh.Their bodies writhed against one another, Quicksilver's lithe supple body
against the firm ridges and planes of Raze's physique. Raze's hands
wandered the willowy body beneath him, sliding over the toned muscles and
shallow clefts separating them.Quicksilver's hands slid down Raze's chest as the dominant mutant's hands
began moving across his back. The ripples of Raze's abdominal muscles added
to Quicksilver's arousal as his hands slid over the sweat coated clusters
of muscle fibre. Descending lower, his hands finally reached their final
destination; Raze's engorged member. He had seen it up close a number of
time, during the many brief stints that Raze had required a sexual release,
and he knew every inch of it. Eight inches from tip to base with flushed
veins running up its length forming ridges that stimulated every nerve
during their couplings. Quicksilver wrapped one hand around it, his fingers
barely managing to encompass the girth while moving his other hand to the
small of preteen model lolita redhead
Raze's back.Raze began to moan softly into the side of Quicksilver's neck as his
partner began to slowly caress his swollen member. His teeth scraped
against the exposed flesh of Quicksilver's shoulder, eliciting a gasp equal
parts pain and pleasure. Quicksilver's long supple legs drew up and around
Raze's waist, pulling the two mutants closer together. Raze felt
Quicksilver's hand leave his member and he knew what his partner wanted,
what he needed. Sliding down slightly in Quicksilver's embrace, Raze moved
one of his hands from Quicksilver's back and reached for his own pulsing
cock. With himself firmly in hand, he ran his thumb between the firm globes
of Quicksilver's ass until he felt the puckered hole. Lining himself up, he
placed the head of his cock against the quivering entrance and, with a
savage growl, sank into Quicksilver letting lose a primal shout that
mingled with Quicksilver's own carnal moan. He pulled pack and then forced
himself back in with a brutal thrust, causing Quicksilver to arch
backwards, gripping the sheets and moaning. Each stroke became stronger and
harder than the next, their combined need for release driving the intense
coupling. Raze looked down at Quicksilver, speared on Raze's member, and
saw that his partner was staring back up at him wearing an expression of
pain, pleasure and lust. He reached down family sex loli incest
and firmly wrapped his hand around
Quicksilver's own seven inch member and began to stroke with the same
intensity with which he was plunging onto him.The feeling began in the balls of his feet, an electrical current that
quickly surged up his spine, causing his balls to draw up and release their
pent up contents. Raze let loose a primal roar he flooded Quicksilver naked lolitas girl photos
his seed, and he felt Quicksilver shudder beneath him before liquid heat
splashed across both of their stomachs.The intensity of the orgasm left Raze gasping for breath and he collapsed
onto the body of his partner, who was likewise exhausted. Their breathing
was staggered, coming in a mixture of muffled gasps and heavy panting. Raze
knew that he should send Quicksilver away, throw him from the room like a
used toy. By allowing Quicksilver to remain, he risked appearing weak,
putting in jeopardy all of the work he had done to make the Brotherhood
fear him, but lying there in Quicksilver's warm embrace, he couldn't summon
the will to move. As their breathing slowly returned to normal, they both
drifted into the void of sleep.*****Xavier had never seen horrors like the ones contained within Bobby's mind,
and he hoped that for the remained of his days he never would. He and Bobby
had traversed the wide expanse of Bobby's buried memories but, try as he
might to block Bobby's recollection of Mindpyre's devious torture, Xavier
found that the mental abominations the malicious telepath had constructed
stalked them across the mental plane.During their attempt to delve into Bobby's memory of the Brotherhood's
Florida facility, the pair had been accosted by a massive monstrosity that
embodied all of Bobby's fears of death - a twelve foot tall bipedal demon
constructed of corpses stitched together to form hideous appendages. The
beast had two massive arms made from two female corpses stitched back to
back with their heads stapled by railroad spikes to the abomination's
shoulder, leaving the mangled legs to act as grasping claws and the hair of
the corpses to form a billowing main. It's legs were a mismatched
assemblage of arms and legs stitched end onto end in a sickening chain that
was coiled around a pair of corpses, each six foot tall. Only the faces of
the corpses was visible, looking out at them with empty sexy young asian lolita
eye sockets from
between the coiled flesh-chain. By far the most horrifying aspect of the
creature was that Bobby, or at least a mental fabrication of Bobby's
corpse, had been stapled to the beast's chest as though crucified. The
corpse had looked down on them, its eyes ablaze with icy blue fire.It had come upon them just as they had stepped out of the icy cavern
beneath Bobby's icy lake and into the warm air of a parking lot. Xavier had
turned away from the street before them, ignoring the rushing cars and the
sounds of waves and surf. Behind the pair stood a tall hotel structure with
a vibrant name emblazed in stylised 1940s youngest child lolita models
text; Chevalier. Xavier had
turned back to Bobby to ask about the hotel when his sight had fallen on
the monstrosity lurking in the shadows.With a bellow it had rushed at them, swinging its grotesque appendages as
it crossed the parking lot. Bobby immediately began throwing icy blasts at
it, hoping to freeze it in place, but instead of freezing the creature, the
blasts of hyper-cooled air free pics hungarian lolitas
glanced little girls rape lolita
off of the beast's grey and rotting
flesh.`This is no ordinary opponent!' Xavier cried out as he dived out of the way
of one of the creature`s long swipes. `This is a beast constructed from
your own thoughts and fear. It is as much a part of you as anything else
and you can no more harm it than you could yourself. The only way to
destroy this creature is through force of will'.`How do I do that!?'Xavier erected a telepathic shield and the beast's attacks struck at it
with the force of a train, staggering the telepath.`Will it away, Bobby! This reality bends to your desire. You can do
anything here, you just have to want it badly enough'.The semitranslucent barrier surrounding Xavier fractured like shatter-proof
glass and the beast rained blows down on it with its horrific arms. Through
the spider webbed shards of his psychic barrier, Xavier could see Bobby
cease his attacks on the psychic avatar.`Get the hell away from him!' Bobby shouted, planting his feet firmly on
the cement of the parking lot. `I illegal lolitas preteen porn
said, get the fuck away from him you ugly
bastard!'The beast raised its arms high, preparing to deliver the blow that finally
breach Xavier's barrier, before it abruptly halted it's movement. The head
of the Corpse-Bobby turned towards the young elemental, its eyes glowing
with blue flame. A grin spread across its pale face. It opened its mouth
and the sound of a thousand voices wailing in agony escaped its rotting
lips. With a surge of speed that defied explanation the beast rushed across
the parking lot towards Bobby, bellowing in its terrible voice. Bobby
braced himself, expecting to be struck by the beast's arms but the beast
swept him up, the legs of the twin corpses entwining around him and
squeezing his torso tightly.Willing the barrier away, Xavier summoned tendrils of psychic power and
sent them slithering after the creature. Like constrictor snakes the
tendrils wrapped themselves around the creature and began to squeeze with
all of Xavier's available will.The beast squeezed Bobby in retaliation, causing the young mutant to cry
out in pain.`Bobby! This is your mind! Will it away!' the Professor shouted again.`How!?' Bobby gasped out, his voice barely travelling through the air.`Fears cannot harm you once you've faced them! Unmask this fear! Face it,
and it will wither away!'Bobby knew what this thing was. It was his fear of death, and of not
knowing what came after. What had been an instinctive fear of death, common
to all sentient beings, Mindpyre had twisted and warped into this
monstrosity. The very thought of Mindpyre sparked an inferno of anger and
rage that flooded through his body and down his arms before solidifying
into frost that began creeping up the entwined legs of the monstrosity.`Everyone dies eventually,' Bobby growled at the beast, its limbs weakening
under the assault of Bobby`s frost. `And even if I don't know what comes
after, I know there will be people who'll miss me, so you can take whatever
fear you think I have of dying, and you can choke on it!'The creatures wails reached a fevered pitch as its limbs finally shattered
under the strain of Xavier's tendrils. Dead flesh shattered into frozen
chunks that scattered across the asphalt. Bobby fell to the ground, landing
on his feet but falling backwards with a thud. He gasped as he felt a hand
wrap around his ankle. The Corpse-Bobby, or what was left of it, clung to
Bobby's ankle by its only remaining arm. Bobby's lips drew up into a snarl
and his viciously kicking the rotting face in the jaw, reducing its
discoloured flesh into paste.The psychic tendrils that were still coiling through the remains of the
creature faded in a wisps of translucent vapour. Xavier carefully stepped
towards Bobby through the debris, offering the mutant his hand.`Well done, Bobby,' he said. Hauling the X-man to his feet, Xavier turned
towards the hotel behind them. `Now that we have overcome this obstacle, it
is time for us to continue our mission here'.*****`Show me your darkness'.Remiel heard Mindpyre's voice echo in his head as he fell to his knees
under the intense pain. He clutched his head in his hands as though the
futile gesture would somehow lessen the intense stabbing pains Mindpyre's
psychic probes were causing. The pain was coupled with a high pitched
screech. Remiel opened his eyes into slits in order to look up at Mindpyre
who was standing over the ailing mutant.Mindpyre stood perfectly still, one hand stretched out lolita japanese schoolgirl rape
towards Remiel with
the fingers of his hand fanned out. He looked calm, almost serene as he
attempted to pry Remiel's mind apart in his quest for the suppressed
darkness residing in the X-man's soul. Behind him, Remiel could see the
Mindscape twist and lolita preteen models biz
contort with a low rumble he felt more than heard, a
reflection of Remiel's own mind as it was barraged by Mindpyre's
powers. Every few seconds the scene it depicted changed, melting from one
environment to the next. The X-Mansion. His bedroom. The park he played at
when he was younger. The tunnels he had called home. The Blackbird. A
street in New York City.Mindpyre's eyes opened wide and a grin spread across his face.`There it is,' his voice reverberated across the mental plane.The stabbing pains subsided before being replaced with the sensation of
someone drilling into his skull. As he watched, the scenes behind Mindpyre
began tearing like tissue paper, leaving segments behind as they
shifted. After a few moments, the Mindscape had become a collage of
memories. Each segment began to stitch itself to the next, melting into the
neighbouring images like oil paintings in sunlight.Finally, the pain from Mindpyre's psychic assault faded, taking the
ear-splitting screech with it. Remiel collapsed to the floor gasping in
relief. From his place at Mindpyre's feet he could see the Machiavellian
mutant's eyes gleam.`Of course it would be here,' he said aloud, ignoring Remiel. `I don't know
why I didn't think of it before'. Mindpyre fixed his gaze on Remiel. `Isn't
he magnificent?'A groan from behind him, caused Remiel to scramble to his feet and look in
the direction of the sound. The sight that met his eyes chilled him to the
very core. In the centre of the preteen lol naked pics
collage reality stood a massive cage
wrought from cold black metal. Within the cage a figure was bound in large
chains that pulsed with the azure luminescence of Remiel's own psychic
energy. The figure has held in large stocks with his head facing the floor
and his wild red brown hair falling in a curtain, obscuring his face. From
the figure's shoulders massive ebony wings hung down, shackled with more
chains that anchored them firmly to the ground. From what he could free lolita bodies pictures
see, the
figure wasn't wearing any clothes, but stood naked, bowed down by the
weight of the wooden stocks. Even imprisoned as he none nude preteen lolitas
was, the figure's
physique was extraordinary. Every visible muscle was perfectly defined,
bulging with confined power. Though he knew that his own physique could not
be faulted, Remiel found himself envious of the figures body.`And to think that you had him sealed away in this dark little corner of
your mind,' Mindpyre continued.`Where are we?' Remiel gasped. `Who is that?'`We're in the place where all the dark roads of your mind meet. And he,
well, he's you'.`No!' Remiel shouted, rounding on Mindpyre, fist raised in anger. With a
half formed thought, Mindpyre sent Remiel skidding across the floor as
though he beautiful lolita panty models
had been struck by a battering ram.`You don't believe me?'`No. It's just one of your tricks. You're just messing with my head'.Mindpyre smiled, `That does seem like something I'd do now, doesn't it? But
this is no trick. If you don't believe me, just se for yourself'.Mindpyre stepped up to the cage and reached through the bars, sending
tongues of liquid fire streaming from his fingertips. The flames coiled in
midair before seeking out their intended targets, licking greedily at the
wooden stocks holding the figure prisoner. The wood blackened before
falling away in ashes, victim of Mindpyre's teen lolita model gallery
expressed will. With a bestial
roar, the figure shook himself free of the blocky restraints. Shaking his
head wildly, the figure railed against the chains still binding his wings
and legs. Remiel shrank away from the figure's fury, causing the chained
man to turn his attention to the young mutant. The X-man was unable to
suppress the gasp that escaped his lips. The figure's face was a mirror
image of his own, but moulded into a mask of anger and rage.`Told you so,' Mindpyre sneered. Pulling his hand back through the bars and
took a step back. `Now let's see what we can do about this cage'.`No,' Remiel shouted as he surged to his feet and lunged at Mindpyre.`That's enough out of you!' Mindpyre snapped, gesturing at him with a
hand. The air around Remiel shimmered before chains identical to the ones
holding the Dark Remiel prisoner appeared, wrapping themselves tightly
around the mutants arms and legs, binding them together. Manacles pulsing
with the scarlet light of Mindpyre's psychic energy solidified around
Remiel's wrists and ankles and a wide metal strap wrapped itself around his
mouth, silencing him. ls magazine real lolita
With a resounding thud, Remiel's own momentum dropped
him to the floor at Mindpyre's feet. Without paying the fallen mutant
further consideration, Mindpyre returned his attention to Dark Remiel. He
gestured with both hands as lolitas preeteens tiny young
though parting a curtain and the metal bars
before him squealed in protest as they were bent and broken, creating an
opening through which Mindpyre entered.Dark Remiel lunged at the golden haired man but was held back by the chains
that still held his wings securely.`That's it,' Mindpyre crooned. `You're all the anger, pain and resentment
he'd never let himself feel, but that's exactly what we want. I'm here to
let you out'. Mindpyre smiled. `After I chip off the rough edges and polish
off the rest, of course'.In the palm of his right hand, a petal of black fire no larger than the
flame of a birthday candle flickered to life. Mindpyre extended his hand,
offering the flame to Dark Remiel. `Take it. If you want out of your cage,
if you want to be free to take your revenge on the Homo sapiens, take it'.A malevolent intellect flashed in Dark Remiel's eyes and glared at Mindpyre
before slowly reaching out towards the flame. The fingers of his hand had
barely made contact with the flickering black petal when it surged up his
arm, coating his flesh like burning oil. Dark Remiel recoiled in pain and
surprise, dropping to his knees as the fire coated his entire body. He
bellowed in pain, an deep agonising sound. The fire spread across his arms
and chest, growing in size and intensity. Even from his place outside the
cage, Remiel could feel the heat free girl lolita clip
of the flames. Minutes passed and Dark
Remiel's agonising wails grew higher and higher. As Remiel watched, the
flames coalesced, forming burning sigils across Dark Remiel's biceps and
pecs. Abruptly the fire died, leaving the sigils behind like black tribal
tattoos. Dark Remiel fell forward, barely reaching out in time to stop
himself from striking the floor. Panting, he pushed himself back up onto
his knees. His muscles glistened with sweat and his chest expanded and
deflated slowly as he breathed deeply. Remiel's eyes widened as he
recognised the symbol emblazed on Dark Remiel's breast just above his
heart. The Greek symbol for Omega. The sign of the Brotherhood.With a gesture, Mindpyre sent more tongues of flames to devour the chains
holding Dark Remiel's legs and wings, freeing him from the last remnants of
Remiel's unconscious restraints. `Welcome to the fold, Brother'.*****Xavier led the way down the poorly lit hallway, looking everywhere for any
characteristics that would allow him to lo